Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bleach Drinking Murder Suspect, Drunk Law Enforcement Officer Terrorize Interstate 85 in North Carolina (a DUI Lawyer's Work is Never Done)

Last week a murder suspect was chased at 100 m.p.h. through the Charlotte area, as part of a 100 mile chase. He apparently killed his 36 year old wife in South Carolina, then lead police on a high speed chase northward on Interstate 85, even after 3 of his 4 car tires had blown out. He fired on law enforcement officers from both South Carolina and North Carolina. He eventually stopped in the middle of the highway after the rims he had been driving on disintegrated.  Once his vehicle was disabled, a standoff ensued.  During the standoff, the emotionally volatile suspect drank bleach - and then begged for help after he, predictably, started to vomit up blood. This lead to his surrender and guarded hospitalization.

A few weeks earlier, a North Carolina Highway Patrol Captain driving a convertible Mustang was pulled over due to swerving inappropriately in the early morning hours, also on Interstate 85. The officer who pulled the state trooper over called the incident in and described the state trooper as "extremely 10-55". "10-55" is their law enforcement code for intoxicated. Interestingly, the investigating officers took the intoxicated state trooper (a 21 year veteran of the force), not to jail, but rather booked him into a Best Western hotel. While it is not completely clear what paperwork, if any, was filed, the state trooper was not charged with a criminal offense and the investigating law enforcement office said the matter was resolved "without report".


The moral of these stories might be:


A) Don't drive in North Carolina?

B) Even Clorox can't cleanse a polluted soul?

C) Be sure to keep your Best Western membership card with you if you drink and drive?


For those of us who wonder why there are so many attorneys in this world . . . well, part of the reason is that there are so many people who engage in acts which violate the standards and laws that we, as a society, have put in place.