Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Governor Signs Bill Which Allows Guns in Bars (Anyone Want "Shots" Now?)

Starting July 1, concealed-carry permit holders in VA may legally bring their hidden handguns into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol (but they may not legally drink).

Governor McDonnell recently signed the bill into law, despite opposition from the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, which called the law "a recipe for disaster".

The Virginia Beach Police Chief compared the combination of alcohol and guns to drinking and driving. Even the Sheriff of Henry County, VA (a self proclaimed guns rights advocate) pointed out "I do not think weapons being in proximity with people drinking is a good idea.”

However, other law enforcement officers disagreed; one VA sheriff was quoted as saying “If a person thinks they need protection when they go in a bar, they’ve got a choice not to go there."


I don't think I've ever been called "a liberal".  I merely have common sense.  Guns in bars, now legal.  Are you kidding me?