Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kaboom? Florida Criminal, Family Lawyer Greeted With Grenade

Kaboom? Florida Criminal, Family Lawyer Greeted With Grenade

Not long ago, a Florida lawyer returned to his office to find a hand grenade hanging from his doorknob. The lawyer, who practices family law and criminal law near Orlando, alerted authorities. Having practiced both criminal and family law, I can promise you that the most likely suspect is someone related to a family law case!

A major road was shut down in the area while explosives experts attempted to determine the status of the grenade. In the meantime, the police attempt to determine whether the grenade was left in warning, was part of a murder attempt, or was just some misguided client's way of making payment. Ok, I made that last possibility up.

The grenade was eventually determined to be a "reloaded training grenade" and was removed with no further drama. The Civil Lawyer Online has not been able to determine exactly how dangerous a "reloaded training grenade" might be, but is glad to never have had one left on his door (or anywhere else, for that matter).