Friday, July 1, 2011

Jason A. McGrath elected to Charlotte's Civil Service Board

Jason McGrath Elected to Civil Service Board

One of McGrath & Spielberger's founding partners, Jason A. McGrath, was recently elected to the City of Charlotte's Civil Service Board by the City Council. The Civil Service Board is made up of seven citizens of Charlotte, and it:

  • holds and presides over hearings for employees of the Police and Fire Departments who are charged with violations by the Police Chief or Fire Chief (some of these employees face termination from their Department);

  • reviews and considers approval for applications for positions in the Police and Fire Departments;

  • reviews and considers approval for promotions in both Departments; and

  • maintains a register of officers graduating from the Academy.

Mr. McGrath is honored to have been entrusted to such a position and is glad to be able to serve the community of Charlotte. Board Members are not paid for their service.