Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lawyers Per Capita in FL, GA, SC, NC, TN

What Percent of the Population in 

FL, GA, SC, NC, TN are Lawyers?

There are approximately 1,200,000 lawyers actively licensed in the United States, or .38% of the population.

If you were to throw 291 stones at Floridians, chances are you'd hit at least one lawyer, possibly native Floridian Jason McGrath. Of course, given that it's Florida, you may want to throw oranges.

In Georgia, you'd need 336 stones (or peaches) to plunk an attorney such as Jim Spielberger, a graduate of Georgia State University Law School.

In Tennessee, your volunteers would need to be handed 382 stones each to hit a lawyer; now that he's licensed in Tennessee, Jason McGrath had better get his helmet on.

Poor South Carolinians would be wearing their arms out just to smash one attorney - 493 stones! South Carolina has the second lowest ratio of attorneys of all the 50 states; Charleston (Mount Pleasant) resident Jim Spielberger is one such attorney.

Chucking rocks in North Carolina would also be tiring, with 461 of them tossed in order to feel mathematically confident that you've dinged at least one lawyer, which could be Charlotte resident Jason McGrath. NC, a nice place to live, has a very low concentration of lawyers.

Ohio residents don't need to make too many trips to the quarry; lawyers like Todd E. Gonyer can be struck within 323 stone throwings.

So which state has the most lawyers, per capita? Wellllll  . . . let's just say that it's a state whose residents, at least those in the southern part of the state, never seem to shy away from a good "debate". (Yes, yes, it's New York.). The Empire State has a whopping ratio of 1 lawyer for every 120 residents.

California has almost twice the total population of NY, but fewer lawyers.

The state with the least number of lawyers is North Dakota; the state with the lowest percentage of lawyers is Arkansas.

Not surprisingly the Northeast region has by far the greatest density of lawyers, with the Southeast and the Southwest having the fewest. 

Primarily due to semi-retired attorneys, the Southeast has the largest percentage of "idle" attorneys.

All data gathered by the American Bar Association.