Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today's Easy Tech Tip for Lawyers and Normal People - Jan. 4

Today's Easy Tech Tip for Lawyers & Normal People

If you're like many of us, you may be doing all of these things on the internet at roughly the same time:

  1. researching a work issue;

  2. entering your Barclay's Bank US Airways Mastercard password for the 19th time with no success;

  3. failing to resist the link "Click here to see which celebrities have the best beach bodies"; and

  4. finally finishing your holiday shopping (yes, I know it's already January, but it's the thought that counts, right?). 

Nothing worse than having 8 pages open in Firefox at the same time (well, except having 8 pages open in Internet Explorer), especially if your boss walks in and you have trouble quickly figuring out which browser windows you need to downsize before you get fired. Well, get organized!

Just use multiple browsers. Let's review the 4 items above.

  1. Use Google Chrome to research your work issue, perhaps using one of the many helpful add-ons to automatically save pages, turn them into PDFs, or email them to yourself and others with a click of two buttons. 

  2. Use Firefox, with privacy options set to not to remember passwords, for your online banking.

  3. Use Internet Explorer for the kind of junk you'd rather not admit to surfing, since you may not want to admit to using IE anyhow. This way it's easy to remember which browser to immediately close when someone else enters the room. (Hint: set your options to erase your history upon the browser closing!)

  4. Use Safari to finish your holiday shopping . . . Safari = Apple = iEverything = spend money.

If you get into a habit of using each individual browser for a certain type of internet use, you'll automatically know what is where and which window to pop back open as needed. Simple as pie, and it will keep you at least a little bit sane.