Monday, January 21, 2013

Time Warner Cable negligence to leave baby unprotected?

Time Warner Cable negligence to leave baby unprotected?

UPDATE: I did not sue TWC, and regrettably won't be. We wish you the best in your struggles with TWC.

If you need other legal assistance in one of our states, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Just a few days ago, I wrote about the amazing and embarrassing incompetence we've experienced with Time Warner Cable. Well, shockingly, there is a new chapter to this story, and this one makes me angry.

We've not been actively "using" TWC for actual phone calls for a few months, but the line has remained active to forward calls to the internet-based phone system we are using, pending our complete change-over to a new provider. Our intent has been to port this line over completely - the forwarding was a temporary measure. When I spoke to TWC on January 12 (for over an hour, two different reps.) to cancel the TV and internet, both Time Warner Cable reps. "CONFIRMED" that phone service was NOT being canceled, only TV and internet.

This was very important for another reason - our home security alarm runs, in part, though our home phone line. I am leaving on a trip tomorrow, and my wife and 10 month old baby will be home alone. (Please note that I did not publish this until returning from that trip, in order to not broadcast that I was gone and they home alone with a compromised security system.) We had an alarm scare just a few nights ago, and had the police at our home at 4 a.m. - after I "swept" the home myself, trying to determine if someone had invaded our home or not.

I ended up "chatting" with TWC today. I was told that all services were canceled as of today, including phone. I protested, I explained, I wailed and gnashed my teeth. I explained about leaving town, the wife, the baby, the break-in scare just a few days ago. Too bad, so sad, no assistance was offered by the Time Warner Cable rep. TWC cutting the phone line, after twice confirming it was not, leaves my wife and baby unprotected while I am out of town.

I detest Time Warner Cable. It has earned its title as the "Second Most Hated Company in America."  You don't get to be actually hated unless you just don't care; at some point, incompetence crosses the line into an intentional disregard of industry standards, a negligent pattern of behavior, and a complete lack of care as to the obligations owed to paying customers.

UPDATE: I followed up with TWC via phone after writing the above. The rep. I spoke with said that, thankfully, the phone had not been shut off yet. He was able to reverse that order and the phone stayed on. This TWC rep. apologized, and basically told me that some of his coworkers, due to the way they are paid/evaluated, don't take the time or make the effort to complete the work they start and do not follow through and finalize on the promises made to customers.