Friday, January 30, 2015

CitiMortgage: Refusing to speak with the borrower but willing to foreclose?

CitiMortgage: Refusing to speak with the borrower but willing to foreclose?

As an attorney that represents homeowners facing foreclosure, I deal with loan servicers on a frequent basis. The most recent saga involves CitiMortgage and its refusal to speak with anyone regarding the loan, including the borrower himself.

There are a couple details that you must know in order to understand the whole picture. Our client does not have a social security number, but keep in mind that our client did not have a social security number at the time CitiMortgage originated the loan. CitiMortgage knew this information and still gave him the loan.

We had been communicating with CitiMortgage for months regarding loss mitigation with no mention of the social security issue. And then out of nowhere, an agent refused to provide any information on the account because the borrower did not have a social security number. He claimed that the borrower’s identity could not be verified without this information and could not speak to us. Furthering the absurdity of the situation, the agent said that CitiMortgage could NOT EVEN SPEAK TO THE BORROWER HIMSELF due to the lack of social security number.

Does it seem logical to you that CitiMortgage, as the loan servicer, can continue with a foreclosure action while refusing to speak to anyone about the matter? I would hope not. In order to resolve this ordeal, we had to act aggressively and escalate the case within CitiMortgage.

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