Friday, December 9, 2016

Hearing on Partition of Real Property and Result

The following is a summary of a hearing on Partition of Real Property that McGrath & Spielberger assisted a client with, and is provided for informational purposes only. Each case, each client, each situation is different, and each matter may have a different outcome.

Basic Facts. The Petitioner is trying to force a sale of the real property at issue so she can receive a portion of the sale proceeds.

Basics of the Applicable Law. The default setting in North Carolina law is that an owner of real property (even a minority owner) has a right to force a partition of that property, whether a partition in kind (physical division) or partition by sale (sell the property and divide the proceeds).

The Challenge. To not have the case follow the default setting (a partition being ordered).

Owner 1. The Respondent (Brother) who owns 11/12 of the real property, lives on the property with his family, takes care of the property, pays the taxes, etc.

Owner 2. The Petitioner (Sister), who owns 1/12 of the real property, does not reside there, does not contribute to the care of the property.

Property Location. Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Property Type. Primary residence

Who McGrath & Spielberger Attorney Jason McGrath Represents. Owner 2, the Respondent

Hearing Date. November, 2016

Actions Taken by McGrath & Spielberger on Behalf of Client in Relation to the Partition Hearing. Mr. McGrath filed Motions to Dismiss and Objections to the Petition for Partition and attended the hearing with the Client. The strategy to oppose the Petition for Partition was not revealed to the other side until necessary at the hearing itself.

Partition Hearing Outcome. Mr. McGrath successfully prevented an Order for Partition from being entered. The case remains pending, as do our Motions to Dismiss.